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Have you ever wondered where you came from? Who your ancestors are? Maybe there is a family story that no one can verify, or some skeletons in the closet (this also makes an excellent gift for anyone!!). Well, I can help you find the answers. I do genealogy research as a hobby (and have a ton of fun doing it). I can do all of the time consuming research that you don't have the time or desire to do. I have been at this for over a year, and have done research for many different people. I have traced my own family back several hundred years, and maybe I can do the same for you. I have many resources at my disposal, and am adding more all the time.
 All information will be transmitted via email, so it doesn't matter where you are located. Printed materials can be mailed upon request. I will need some of the following information to get started, the more you can give, the better. Parents names, birthdates, birthplaces, and death dates (if applicable), Grandparents names, birthdates, birthplaces, and death dates (if applicable). Also helpful is the names of any siblings (if known) and nicknames used (if any).
 While I cannot guarantee that the information will be 100% accurate, as most documents are hand written (making them difficult to read), and names were commonly misspelled or abbreviated, I will always double check my facts before passing them on.
 Normal charge for this service is $15 per research hour (copies of records may require an additional charge). Please keep in mind that a research hour is different from a regular hour, especially when I have to request records (it may only take 5 minutes to request, but a week to receive). I only charge for the time I spend actually researching .

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Last modified: 10/11/06