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As home-schooling parents, we are not only responsible for our children's education, but also for trips and activities that enhance their educational experiences (i.e.: field trips). We each have a son (Clayton, age 10 and Jeremy, age 14) who love learning, and are extremely interested in history and government. Right now they have their hearts set on going to Washington DC, to see our nation's capital and all that it holds. They look forward to visiting all the museums and historical monuments, as well as the White House and Capital Buildings (and whatever else we can fit in!) We would also like to include New York City and Boston (if possible.) We are trying to include them in all aspects of the trip, from planning what to see and do, to earning the money to pay for it all.  

One of our major financial contributors is our "online shopping mall". We took our knowledge of retail and the internet and put it all to work for us. We will also be using it as a teaching tool, to aid our studies of business applications (accounting, bookkeeping, advertising) and math. While we will be doing a majority of the work, the boys will be helping out and learning along the way. Eventually, we will be adding a page dedicated to arts and crafts projects the boys contribute, and anything else they want to include for sale.

As we also want to teach the boys the importance of helping others and conserving nature, we will be donating a portion of our proceeds to local charities in our areas, as well as Wildlife Warriors (founded by the late Steve Irwin, the Croc Hunter). To learn more about them and what they do click here.

Take the time to plan for your child's future.


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Last modified: 10/11/06