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Affiliate Programs




What exactly is an affiliate program? Affiliate marketing is a way for companies to advertise to markets they may not reach otherwise. They will pay you to put their links on your website. This is an excellent way to increase the profitability of your website. You can make money in many ways. Some companies will pay either a flat fee or a percentage for every sale generated by your links. Others will pay just for "leads" you generate (meaning that a purchase may not be required, they may only have to fill out a form or application for service). You have probably come across websites that pay you to sign up for services or trial offers. Well, they are making money for everyone that signs up. And you can too. It's as easy as applying for the affiliate programs you want. As soon as you are accepted, you can start putting the links on your site and making money from them. Most will pay on a monthly basis (you make money one month, and will get the check the following month). If you don't already have a website, see our page for creating your own site so you can get started.

Just keep in mind that any money you make will be taxable. The companies will have you fill out a W-9 form so the IRS can send you the proper forms come tax time. You will have to take out the taxes yourself (as you will be working as an independent contractorů.you will not be an employee of the company). You may want to contact the IRS or an accountant to make sure you understand all the laws and procedures completely.

Here are some of the Affiliate Programs we have found:



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Last modified: 10/11/06