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If there is no fee to work for the companies, why do you charge for this list?

I charge a fee due to the HOURS of research I put into finding these places.  I spent a lot of time verifying links, calling companies, and even worked for a couple to ensure that these were legitimate jobs and not scams.  I have been at this for a couple of years.
I am not willing to give my list out for free because again, I worked very hard to compile it and my time and effort is valuable to me.  I also found a product that I could develop that could actually help people and am pleased to be able to offer it and make some money to support my own family.  I did keep the cost low so that most could afford it.  If my personal circumstances ever change, I would be more than happy to post it at no cost.
I know that money can be tight and not everyone can afford to pay or some aren't comfortable doing internet purchases.  I will tell you as I tell everyone what I did to get this information.  It will take a TON of time - but if you are willing to do this you can find the same information.  Do web searches for work at home jobs, read through classified advertisements, and call companies directly to see if they are willing to hire at home workers.  Remember - if they charge a fee they are NOT hiring you - they are most likely a MLM opportunity or some other work-at-home business opportunity that will require an investment.
It is very time-consuming but it can pay off when you find the right leads.   If you would like you can email me if you find one that you think may be legit and I will be happy to share my experiences with that company and let you know any information I have about them.
Also, remember that the application process can sometimes take a couple of weeks - so don't get discouraged if you don't hear anything right away.  Good luck in your search and I wish you the best.


How much money will I make?

I have no way to answer this question.  Because this listing is of available jobs, the individual employer will make that decision.  A lot of factors could be involved, such as state laws, experience, etc.  One of these companies that I worked for paid me $10/hour for customer service (inbound calls) while another company paid me a per-minute rate for the same type of work.

How soon can I work?

Again, this depends on the company.  When I have worked at home for an employer, it has typically taken a couple of weeks to go through the process.  Some places require only an application, some need a resume, and others want a criminal background check.  It really depends on the type of job you are applying for and the qualifications or experience they require.

You haven't answered my question!

My crystal ball is out of commission so I can't anticipate all the questions someone might have.  Feel free to email me if I haven't answered your question - I will email back within 24 hours!


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Last modified: 10/11/06